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Elections have consequences, from the race for President to the race for one seat on a city council. Those elections are the products of fascinating interactions between campaigns, party affiliations, voter turnout, and the media spotlight. Red Racing Horses analyzes and discusses elections from a Republican-leaning perspective. Thank you for visiting, and we hope you'll enjoy the blog.

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Weekend Open Thread for April 18-20

by: shamlet

Fri Apr 18, 2014 at 18:00:00 PM EDT

Happy Easter and Patriots' Day weekend.

1. Do you think the tide is shifting back toward the Democrats?

2. Do you pay attention to fundraising numbers, and if so, what do they tell you?

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Political Roundup for April 18, 2014

by: GoBigRedState

Fri Apr 18, 2014 at 07:00:00 AM EDT


GA-Sen: A new poll taken by Insider Advantage on behalf of Fox 5 TV in Atlanta and the Morris News Service show businessman David Perdue and Rep. Jack Kingston in the top two spots for an almost certain GOP Senate runoff. Perdue takes 19% and Kingston takes 15% in the poll, with former Secretary of State Karen Handel not far behind at 13%. Reps. Phil Gingrey and Paul Broun trail with 11% and 9% respectively. 32% are still undecided, which means the race still is unsettled.

More GA-Sen: Rep. Jack Kingston (R) received the endorsement of the US Chamber of Commerce. As Kingston is considered an establishment favorite, the endorsement should come as no surprise. The endorsement could also be an important one for Kingston if they decide to run ads in support of him, particularly in the expensive Atlanta media market.

KS-Sen: If ex-HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is thinking about coming back to Kansas to run for Senate, it's news to state Democratic leaders. Kansas Democratic Party Executive Director Jason Perkey says the news was "completely" out of left field calling it "pure speculation and incredibly poor reporting". This sounds more like some overzealous national Democratic operative that got ahead of things and didn't think through just how unpopular she is in her home state.

MN-Sen: Republican Senate candidate Mike McFadden is the first to go on TV in this year's race, with an ad criticizing some of Sen. Al Franken (D)'s votes, calling them "miss after miss after miss" while a hockey player misfires slap shots. The ad buy is for $9,800 and runs for 10 days on cable in the Twin Cities media market. State Sen. Julianne Ortman, St. Louis County Commissioner Chris Dahlberg and state Rep. Jim Abeler are also vying for the Republican nomination to take on Franken.


CO-Gov: Former Rep. Bob Beauprez (R) has made it onto the Republican primary ballot, but only barely. Beauprez chose to get on the ballot via getting signatures instead of getting on by receiving at least 30% of the delegate vote at the state Republican Party assembly last weekend. He needed to get 1,500 signatures of Republican voters in each of the state's 7 congressional districts and made it with only 24 signatures to spare in District 1 and 95 to spare in District 5. Former Rep. Tom Tancredo also went the signatures route and made it onto the ballot. Former state Sen. Mike Kopp and Secretary of State Scott Gessler got the required 30% of the vote at the Republican assembly and will also be on the primary ballot.

DE-Gov. 2016/AG 2014: AG Beau Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden, will not run for a 3rd term as Attorney General this year, but says he plans to run for governor in 2016. The decision could have ripple effects on other Democrats who may plan to run for governor in 2016(Gov. Jack Markell (D) will be term-limited). LG Matt Denn, a possible candidate, says he may run for AG this year instead, but also did not rule out challenging Biden in the Democratic primary in 2016.


CA-22: Rep. Devin Nunes (R) has no serious opposition this year, so he is instead running a campaign ad calling attention to the water crisis in the San Joaquin Valley and getting the Senate to act on the bill that passed the House which is designed to help alleviate the problem. The ads ask people to join the "Nunes network" and to "work together to fix this injustice once and for all". The ad ran 319 times from February 15 to April 13 in the Fresno market.

IA-3: State Sen. Brad Zaun leads a new poll of the IA-3 GOP primary. Zaun leads with 17% in the poll taken by Loras College with Secretary of State Matt Schultz in 2nd with 8% and 4 other candidates trailing. 58% are still undecided, which means the race has yet to really develop. Zaun's fundraising has been weak compared to the other candidates, and he may be leading now mostly on name recognition from his unsuccessful 2010 run against then-Rep. Leonard Boswell (D).

LA-5: A new poll indicates the recent "Smoochgate" scandal involving Rep. Vance McAllister (R) could be hurting his chances for re-election. A poll by the Glascock Group shows that 51% say they would not vote to re-elect him and he would lose in a rematch with state Sen. Neil Riser (R) by 56%-44%. State Rep. Chris Hazel (R) of Pineville was also tested in a head-to-head with McAllister with Hazel winning 52%-48%.

WV-3: The battle between Rep. Nick Rahall (D) and state Sen. Evan Jenkins (R) has hit the airwaves. Jenkins is running an ad tying Rahall to an ad run by the House Majority Project(a Democratic super PAC) that suggested Jenkins wanted to cut black lung benefits for miners and survivors because he wanted to repeal Obamacare. called the ad "bogus" and faulted Rahall for the inaccuracy of the ad, although Rahall's campaign legally cannot coordinate with the PAC. The Rahall campaign is up with its own ad featuring the United Mine Workers Association President accusing "billionaires" of "telling lies" about Rahall.

WI-6: An update on who's in and who's out in this seat being left open by retiring Rep. Tom Petri (R). State Sen. Glenn Grothman and state Rep. Duey Strobel are in for the Republicans. State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald is out. State Sen. Joe Leibham is still considering the race as is John Hiller, an adviser to Gov. Scott Walker (R). Leibham is considered a possible frontrunner as much of his Senate district coincides with the 6th CD. On the Democratic side, no candidates have yet announced, but potential candidates include Manitowoc Mayor Justin Nickels, Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris and former state Sen. Jessica King. Democrats will have an uphill battle though in this district that gave Romney 53% of the vote in 2012.


Pres. 2016: Okay, this isn't a real presidential poll.  The Washington Free Beacon took a poll pitting billionaire Charles Koch against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Iowa. Koch beats Reid 42%-30% in a hypothetical matchup. Even though the poll is just for fun, it is some indication that Reid's attacks against the Koch brothers are falling flat and not gaining any traction.

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Political Roundup for April 17, 2014

by: Ryan_in_SEPA

Thu Apr 17, 2014 at 07:26:17 AM EDT

Kansas:  The DSCC has a crazy idea that outgoing Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius would be a good candidate for US Senate.  Sebelius, who served two terms as Governor of Kansas, is being pushed by national Democrats even though she has awful approval ratings in her home state according to PPP(D).

Oklahoma:  Senator Ted Cruz has endorsed former Oklahoma State House Speaker T W Shannon in the Republican primary for US Senate.  This is great news for Shannon as he has been busy consolidating establishment and tea party support in Oklahoma.

NY-??:  Bill and Hillary's daughter, Chelsea Clinton, has usually denied an interest in running for elected office, but she has started to move away from this blanket no.  Should we have a poll this weekend on where Chelsea should run in 2016?

PA-6: Chester County Commissioner Ryan Costello has opened up a near 3 to 1 money advantage on RRR's favorite Democratic candidate, Manan Trivedi.  While I can promise my tank has nothing to do with Trivedi's terrible financing numbers, one must wonder if it is really more appropriate to start discussing who replaces Costello on the County Board of Commissioners.

PA-13:  Valerie Arkoosh has bought $400,000 of ad space in the week leading up to the late May primary on local TV in the Philadelphia market.  This should get Arkoosh, a Allyson Schwartz clone, a nice push before election day.

MI-8: Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing (D) is running to replace retiring Rep. Mike Rogers (R), giving the Democrats a "B" list candidate in this competitive but Republican-leaning district.

GOP Primary - Bundy:  Republican presidential hopefuls have stayed away from the Cliven Bundy standoff with the Feds.  Bundy seems to be too extreme for most Republicans to touch.

Trumka-Warren:  AFL-CIO Warlord Richard Trumka likes the idea of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren running for President.  He sees her as a prototype of a good president.  Warren so far has declined an interest in running, but I think it indicates certain factions of the Democratic Party are not happy with the idea of Hillary getting this by default.

PA-Political Corruption: It sounds like the corruption probe that was obstructed by Attorney General Kane goes far deeper than publicly known at this point.  The probe might have implications for a significant number of members of the General Assembly.  Hopefully Philly DA Seth Williams keeps up the good work and gets to the bottom of this mess Kane has left him.

Asian Americans: Members of the Obama Coalition are having a hard time getting along regarding Affirmative Action in California.  It appears the Asian-American faction of the Coalition has just killed an attempt to amend the California Constitution to permit Affirmative Action.  It should not be surprising the biggest misfit in the Obama Coalition would feel this way as it has the most to lose from Affirmative Action.

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Political Roundup for April 16th, 2014

by: Greyhound

Wed Apr 16, 2014 at 07:00:00 AM EDT


KY-Sen: Allison Lundergan Grimes (D) has raised an impressive $2.7 Million in the 1st Quarter of 2014, which is more than Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) raised ($2.4 Million).  It's clear at this point that neither candidate will hurt for money in what is the Democrats' best offensive shot this cycle.

LA-Sen: Mary Landrieu (D) is out with a new ad, showing footage from what appears to be a comittee hearing on energy and natural gas drilling.  However, it's been revealed that it's a mockup, with the Senator repeating the same ideas from a real hearing, but with different wording (she messed up her phrasing in the original).  Aside from opening her up to charges of fraud and staging, it makes me wonder why her campaign just couldn't find a different clip from her long Senate Tenure.

MS-Sen: Thad Cochran (R)  announced a haul of $1.7 Million this quarter, which is a big step up from his sleepy $340,000 in 4th Quarter 2013.  This is a good sign that Cochran is taking his primary challenger, State Senator Chris McDaniel (R) more seriously, as McDaniel outraised him last quarter.

VA-Sen: Ed Gillespie (R) has announced a relatively impressive $2.2 Million haul.  Incumbent Senator Mark Warner (D) isn't really in danger (he was an immensely popular former governor and has millions of his own money he can spend), and its unclear whether or not this money would have been better spent in other states.

WV-Sen-2018: Buried in this article about how the Senate might be run if Republicans win this November, is a tidbit where current Senator Joe Manchin (D) says he might run for Governor in 2016 midterm.  This would likely make it easier for us to win his Senate seat in 2018, but would probably cost us the Governor race, as Manchin is exactly the sort of Democrat who can win statewide in West Virginia.


CO-Gov: An ethics complaint about incumbent Governor John Hickenlooper (D) has been dismissed.  The charges were over an event in Aspen Hickenlooper attended, and his hotel tab was picked up by the DGA.  The charge was that this violated the state's influence peddling laws on financial gifts.

HI-Gov: Neil Abercrombie (D) has officially apologized for questioning the words of the late Senator Daniel Inouye (D).  Abercrombie however maintains that Inouye left the decision of his successor to the Governor, who picked his own political ally Brain Schatz over the expected and Inouye-backed Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa.

PA-Gov: A Pennsylvania Judge has ruled that  Bob Guzzardi (R) has enough signatures to make the ballot for the May 20th primary election.  Guzzardi is running against incumbent Tom Corbett (R) from the right, and the petioners (the ones trying to get him off the ballot) are backed by the Pennsylvania Republican Party.  They have also vowed to file an appeal to the State Supreme Court to overturn the decision.


FL-13: Alex Sink (D), the former 2010 D Florida Governor candidate and the 2014 FL-13 special election candidate, has announced that she won't run for the Pinellas-county based district this fall. Her announcement has left the Democrats without an obvious candidate for this competitive seat, and has probably increased David Jolly's (R) chances at winning a full term this fall.

NC-12: James Mitchell (D), a Charlotte City Councilman, has announced  he's dropping out of the crowded D primary for this Black VRA distrct.  Michell has cited his poor fundraising as a reason for dropping out.

WI-6: Wisconsin State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) has announced he's not running for this open seat.  Fitzgerald is likely angling for State Senate President as current president Mike Ellis (R) is retiring this year.


NY-Politics: In case you thought Pennsylvania was alone in its signature-challenging ways, you obviously don't know New York Politics.  Various state politicans are challenging their opponent's ballot access, particularly in the Staten-Island NY-11 congressional district, along with some various primary challengers.  This is all a natural part of the NY political process, which has always been a contact sport.

NY-Mayor/Sen/Congress: Chelsea Clinton has declared that she's potentially interested in running for office one day.  I'm not sure the Clinton name is strong enough to catapult her into a Senate seat or Mayor's office as a political newbie, but if Hillary makes a 2016 presidential run, Chelsea will likely have a solid campagin infrastructure ready to go for whatever office she does decide to seek.

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RRH April Row Officer Ratings

by: shamlet

Sat Apr 12, 2014 at 12:00:00 PM EDT

Statewide row officers often get short shrift in the national political media due to their parochial nature, but they are highly important races. Even discounting LGs elected on a ticket, 17 current Governors previously served as row officers, as did 21 sitting Senators. The offices are extraodinarily diverse, from easily-recognizable posts like Attorney General to ones as strange and obscure as State Mine Inspector. In power they range from offices more powerful than many Governors (TX-LG) to sinecures with no duties (WI-SoS and WI-Treas). And this year's races range from unopposed incumbents to red-hot races that are top priorities for state and even national parties.

Today we look at them all - our first look at downballot statewide executive officer ratings for LG, AG, SoS, Treasurer, Comptroller, Auditor, and more. These are a little rougher than our usual ratings because many of these races don't get much press outside their home states. But we'll do the best we can. Flip over for the full ratings post...

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Political Roundup for April 15, 2014

by: Daniel Surman

Tue Apr 15, 2014 at 08:00:00 AM EDT

Happy Tax Day! Ok, maybe not so happy...


Georgia: As the quarterly hauls really start dropping today, many of the largest fundraising warchests are leaked early. Democratic US Senate candidate Michele Nunn has one of the best, with $2.4 million raised in the first quarter of the year. Of course leaked numbers do not give us CoH, so keep an eye out for that when we round up quarterly fundraisng results.

Virginia: Many statewide office-holders in Virginia were born out of state, so does it matter Ed Gillespie (R) is from New Jersey. Even his opponent, incumbent Mark Warner, hails from Indiana. More importantly, Gillespie is running against Warner and still faces huge odds for that reason alone.

Colorado: We did not note it last week, but the state convention also cleared the Republican primary ballot for Rep. Cory Gardner, eliminating state Senator Randy Baumgarner from the ballot.

Minnesota: A KSTP/SurveyUSA poll has Senator Al Franken's approval ratings at 46%-42%. Oddly, this survey covers adults and registered voters.

Arkansas: An Anzalone Liszt (read: DSCC internal) poll has incumbent Mark Pryor (D) leading Rep. Tom Cotton (R) 48%-45%. But with no crosstabs, be wary.


Hawaii: Conspiracy theories about deceased political rivals are touchy, right? Pull out the popcorn for when this makes its way into one of Aiona's attack ads against Governor Neal Abercrombie (D).

Minnesota: The SurveyUSA poll also has Governor Dayton's approval ratings at 49%-40%, a slight downtick from the last SurveyUSA poll.


VA-10: Another big haul for a candidate is Barbara Comstock (R), whose NoVa distict helped cough up $750k in one quarter.

MN-6: Concerning bit here. As expected, former state Rep. Tom Emmer (R) clinched the party endorsement Saturay against Anoka County Commissioner Rhonda Sivarajah. He faces a primary with Sivarajah still in office, but it's the third candidate we need to watch: former state Rep. Phil Krinkie. Krinkie is now floating a possible third party run on either the Constitution or Independence Party lines. If Krinkie throws more of his own money into the pot and runs third party, it could give us needless headaches about this seat through November.

MT-AL: Democrat John Lewis pulled in $300k with $511k CoH for his uphill congressional race, which we have rated at Likely Republican.

FL-19: Are there focus groups or internal polling that shows this works? Pulling a page from Richard Tisei's playbook in 2012, businessman Curt Clawson has a 30-second af showing a tranquil beach, backed by $110k.

MI-14: State Senator Bert Johnson is out of the Democratic primary to succeed Rep. Gary Peters, who is running for US Senate, and is instead running for re-election. The seat is safe Democrat.

LA-5: Ex-Grant Parish DA Ed Tarpley is in the race against kissing congressman Vance McAllister (R). Meanwhile, former Rep. Rodney Alexander is out and staying put at his new job with veterans affairs in Governor Jindal's administration.

LA-6: The lizard probably won't make it back to Congress. Edwin Edwards (D) trails Republican Paul Dietzel 48%-39% in an internal poll by JMC Analytics. 52% say they don't want Edwards- which is a problem in a race destined for a runoff. Live by the jungle primary, die by the jungle primary.

State & Local

Iowa: Oofta. Even if Iowa Republicans overperform in November, they only have so much upside with bad legislative recruiting. Iowa Republicans failed to field a candidate in a party record 32 districts in 2014. The article notes that this beats the past record of empty seats by 40%.

While many of the empty seats are safe Democrat, others were competitive last cycle. A convention can provide a candidate later, but realistically many of these races are now lost opportunities.

Texas: With several races and the Lt. Governor's race making it certain the  two-thirds rule (which helped Democrats) will be eliminated in the Texas Senate, House Speaker Joe Straus is likely the last chokepoint left to kill conservative legislation in the state.

Nevada: I'm not sure what to make of this state convention, which looks like a mixed bag that took way too long. I'm also skeptical of endorsements with overractive nominating committees and too low of thresholds to endorse (50% here), but at least they endorsed Governor Sandoval by secret ballot (which almost didn't happen). The party also eliminated gay marriage and abortion opposition from its platform.

WA-Senate: Republicans maintain a tenuous majority backed by two Democratic legislators here. However, one of those Democrats, Majority Leader Rodny Tom, is retiring with concerns for him and his father's health. While Democrats have a solid recruit they now have the chance to upgrade, while Republicans need to find a candidate.

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Political Roundup for April 14, 2014

by: shamlet

Mon Apr 14, 2014 at 07:00:00 AM EDT

ICYMI, check out our row officer recap.


OK-Sen-C: Right at the filing deadline, Dems got a candidate for this race in OKC State Sen. Connie Johnson. Johnson, a staunch liberal, should pose little threat in the general to any of the three Republcians running, Rep. James Lankford, State House Speaker TW Shannon, and ex-State Sen. Randy Brogdon.

MS-Sen: State Sen. Chris McDaniel (R), challenging Sen. Thad Cochran in the GOP primary, is under fire for some insensitive (and just plain stupid) comments he made on talk radio in 2006.

AR-Sen: Rep. Tom Cotton (R) is calling for five Lincoln-Douglas style (without moderators) debates with Sen. Mark Pryor (D).


CO-Gov, CO-AG: The GOP field for Colorado Governor shrunk by one this weekend, as State Sen. Greg Brophy was not able to get enough support at the GOP convention to make the primary ballot. Two other Republican candidates, SoS Scott Gessler and ex-State Sen. Mike Kopp, were allowed onto the ballot at the convention, while two more, ex-Reps. Bob Beauprez and Tom Tancredo, chose the alternate route of filing petitions. In the race for AG, prosecutor Cynthia Coffman fell just short of clinching the GOP nomination and will face a primary with State Rep. Mark Waller.

SC-Gov: Ex-Democratic State Rep. Tom Ervin has switched from challenging Gov. Nikki Haley in the GOP primary to running as an Indie in the general election against Haley and State Sen. Vincent Sheheen (D). Ervin could pull GOP votes from anti-Haley Republicans in the general and potentially spoil a very close race.

PA-Gov: State Treasurer Rob McCord (D)'s stepbrother is blasting the candidate for downplaying the role McCord's stepfather played in his adolescence, in order to play up his "humble roots" as the child of a single mother. While McCord was raised by a single mom for several years in his early childhood, he had a strong father figure in his stepfather from age 11 on.

WATN: Ex-CT Gov. John Rowland apparently missed being locked up, because after serving 10 months in the pokey for malfeasance in office after his 2004 resignation, he has been indicted again. Rowland allegedly did work for the CT-5 campaign of 2012 candidate Lisa Wilson-Foley, who lost in the GOP primary. However, Rowland and Wilson-Foley attempted to conceal the former's involvement with the campaign in violation of FEC rules.


WI-6: As expected, State Rep. Duey Strobel (R) is jumping into this race after GOP Rep. Tom Petri's retirement. Strobel will face at least State Sen. Glenn Grothman, and likely many others, in the GOP primary. State Sen. Joe Liebham (R) and Walker aide John Hiller (R) are also on record as considering the race.

CO-4: There was more GOP convention fun in the 4th district, where State Sen. Scott Renfroe scored a momentum boost by narrowly besting heavily favored Weld DA Ken Buck in delegate support (both will be allowed onto the ballot). The Renfroe surge came after a last-minute infusion from delegates supporting Weld County Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer, who petitioned her way onto the ballot instead. Kirkmeyer and Renfroe are vocal supporters of fetal personhood, which was a key issue at the convention. Four candidates, Buck, Kirkmeyer, Renfroe, and 2006 RI-Sen candidate Steve Laffey (who also petitioned his way onto the ballot), will meet in the GOP primary for the Safe R seat.

IL-1: Rep. Bobby Rush (D) is under an ethics investigation concerning the whereabouts of a $1M grant given to his nonprofit organization a decade ago to build a community center (which was never completed).

MA-6: An Emmerson College Poll shows Rep. John Tierney (D) with a large lead in his Dem primary, but tied at 44 with 2012 opponent Richard Tisei (R).

NY-4: Nassau DA Kathleen Rice (D) hauled in a mammoth $1.5M for her congressional campaign, suggesting the Nassau GOP machine's decision to punt this theoretically-winnable seat may have been well-advised. The good news is that money going to Rice isn't going to many other Dems who probably need it more.

NY-13: A second Hispanic candidate, Some Dude Yolonda Garcia, has entered this D primary. Adding another Hispanic name on the ballot in a de facto two-way race between Rep. Charlie Rangel and Dominican-American State Sen. Adriano Espaillat likely only helps Rangel try to hang onto his seat. Meanwhile, in a bizarre statement, Rangel now says he does not want the race to be decided on qualifications.

NY-21: Bush 43 aide Elise Stefanik (R) has secured the nomination of the Conservative Party for this race. As her primary opponent, 2010/12 nominee Matt Doheny, has himself scored a third-party nomination (that of the Independence Party) someone is going to have to play nice to avoid a three-way general election after the primary.

NY-22, etc: Filing closed for federal races last week in NYS, and Dems did not field a candidate against Rep. Richard Hanna (R). As party officials can gift the line to whomever they choose if no one files, it's not inconcievable to think that Hanna may run on the Dem line if he loses his primary to the more conservative State Rep. Claudia Tenney (R). A full list of candidate filings from districts spanning more than one county is at the link.

State & Local:

OK-everything: Four years removed from holding the offices, Dems did not even bother to field candidates for Oklahoma AG, Treasurer, Auditor, and Insurance Commissioner. The only OK Statewide race that looks even mildly competitive is for Superintendent, where a competitive GOP primary could give Dems a slight opening. Click the link for all filed candidates.

PA-AG, etc: Philly DA Seth Williams (D) will take up the legislative sting investigation that AG Kathleen Kane (D) torpedoed as allegedly unfair to African-American legislators. Williams, who is black, has been sharply critical of Kane's handling of the case.

CT-LD-61: The GOP picked up this R+4 State Rep. seat on Friday, as Tami Zawistowski (R) picked up the seat by a 58-42 margin after losing in 2012.

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Weekend Open Thread for April 11-13

by: Greyhound

Fri Apr 11, 2014 at 20:39:45 PM EDT

We'll have our Row Office (everything aside from Governor elected Statewide) ratings out tomorrow.

Now for the questions:

1.  What do you consider to be the biggest recruiting win and fail this year?

2.  Would you be willing to vote for a candidate who has an extramarital affair?  If so, at what point would it be too much for you?

3.  What is the most important election to you this fall?

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WI-06: Tom Petri Retiring

by: BostonPatriot

Fri Apr 11, 2014 at 16:23:43 PM EDT

Here's a late retirement that doesn't come as a huge surprise, as insiders had been murmuring recently that Petri was only 50/50 to run again. Via Petri's office:

U.S. Representative Tom Petri (R-WI) will make a statement on Monday, April 14, at his town hall meeting in Neenah, Wisconsin, announcing that he will not be a candidate for re-election to Congress.

In addition to his age (soon to be 74) and length of service (36 years), Petri had a pair of reasons to call it quits. First, despite a generally clean record, he was facing a potential ethics investigation over his financial stake in a defense contractor. Second--perhaps in part due to that pending investigation--he had already drawn a serious primary challenge from State Sen. Glenn Grothman, after years of being left alone in his moderately red district.

WI-06 is another seat in the CA-25, PA-06, etc. mold in that it's not an open seat that we can take entirely for granted, but Petri is doing us a nice favor by retiring in a climate that should make his seat an easy hold. The R+4 district that reaches from the northern Milwaukee 'burbs to the Fox Valley went narrowly for Obama in 2008, but gave 53% to both Romney and Tommy Thompson in 2012. Scott Walker has twice carried it by double-digits and should do so again this fall, giving our nominee a nice leg up.

Great Mentioner time: Grothman, the only Republican currently in the race, lives outside the district in Washington County, part of the WOW band (Washington is in WI-05; only the "O", Ozaukee, is in WI-06). He's 58 years old and somewhat of a firebrand. Legislators who live in the distict include State Sens. Joe Leibham and Rick Gudex, along with about a dozen State Reps. Former House Speaker and 2012 Senate candidate Jeff Fitzgerald lives here, and his brother, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, lives just outside the borders.

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Political Roundup for April 11, 2014

by: GoBigRedState

Fri Apr 11, 2014 at 07:00:00 AM EDT


AK-Sen:  GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan raised $1.3 million in the first quarter of the year, an impressive haul that even outdid incumbent Sen. Mark Begich (D)'s $1 million. Sullivan's challengers for the Republican nomination, LG Mead Treadwell and 2010 US Senate nominee Joe Miller have yet to release their Q1 fundraising numbers, but both had unimpressive numbers in previous quarters.

MT-Sen: A new poll by Magellan Strategies shows Rep. Steve Daines (R) with a comfortable lead over appointed Sen. John Walsh (D). Daines takes 49% to 36% for Walsh in the poll. Although the poll is by a Republican firm, it matches up with previous polling results in the race.

NH-Sen: A WMUR/UNH poll has former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown closing in on Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D). Shaheen leads Brown 46% to 39%. This represents a gain for Brown from their previous poll in January that showed Shaheen up by 10 points.


LA-5: Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) has joined Louisiana Republian Party Chairman Roger Villere among others calling for Rep. Vance McAllister (R) to resign over the scandal prompted by the release of a video showing him kissing a staffer.

More LA-5: Former Rep. Rodney Alexander is not ruling out a bid for his old job. Alexander says he "would never say anything is off the table", in being asked whether he would run for his old seat. Alexander resigned from the seat last year to take a job as Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Veteran's Affairs in Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration, prompting the special election last November which McAllister won.

MI-8: State Sen. Joe Hune (R) of Livingston County will not run for the seat of retiring Rep. Mike Rogers. Also, Rep. Tom McMillin (R) of Rochester Hills is joining the race, with the endorsement of Rep. Justin Amash (R). This leaves 3 candidates from Oakland County battling it out for the Republican nomination so far, with McMillin joining former state Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop and Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett in the race.

NY-21: This article give a good summary on the battle between Matt Doheny and Elise Stefanik to secure the Conservative and Independence Party lines along with their battle for the Republican nomination for the open seat.

Governor & State Offices:

RI-Gov: Primaries for both parties' nominations are close according to a new poll. The poll by Brown University shows State Treasurer Gina Raimondo leading the Democratic field with 29%, with Providence Mayor Angel Tavares getting 26% and Clay Pell trailing far behind with 10%. On the Republican side, former Moderate Party gubernatorial candidate Ken Block leads with 36%, with 31% for Cranston Mayor Allan Fung.

Lieutenant Governors: Women are popular picks for Lieutenant Governors in states where gubernatorial candidates pick their running mates, but few of them ever make it to the top job, as this article points out. Of the 35 women that have served as governors, 11 were formerly lieutenant governors, but only 2 of those were picked as running mates-the rest were from states in which they had to face competitive elections in their own right.

DE-Treasurer: State Sen. Colin Bonini (R) will not run for State Treasurer, forgoing a second run for the office he lost narrowly in 2010 to now State Treasurer Chip Flowers. Bonini instead endorsed Republican Ken Simpler, a former hedge fund manager who has filed for the job. Flowers is running for re-election, but faces a primary himself with Sean Barney, a former policy director for Gov. Jack Markell (D).

NE-AG: Attorney Brian Buescher has received the endorsement of Omaha's Republican Mayor Jean Stothert in the Republican primary for Attorney General. Buescher faces fellow Omahan state Sen. Pete Pirsch and Lincoln attorneys Mike Hilgers and Doug Peterson in the primary.

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