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Breaking Poll: McDonnell has 58% approval rating in Virginia

by: AppleCon

Sat Apr 28, 2012 at 16:08:00 PM EDT

According to highly accurate Rasmussen Reports, McDonnell's current approval rating is 58% in the swing state of Virginia. Why is this important?

1. He's currently the 2nd ranked highest approval ratings (MOST RECENT) among Republican Governors from states Obama won. Mitch Daniels is currently #1, but he pretty much ruled out VP.

Here are the 12 Republican Governors from Obama states:

  • Branstad (Iowa) 56%
  • LePage (Maine) 38%
  • Synder (Michigan) 48%
  • Daniels (Indiana) 63%
  • Scott (Florida) 34%
  • Kasich (Ohio) 42%
  • Sandoval (Nevada) 46%
  • Christie (NJ) 51%, as high as 59% this month
  • Martinez (New Mexico) 54%, as high as 60% this month
  • Corbett (PA) 39%
  • McDonnell (Virginia) 58%
  • Walker (Wisconsin) 43%

As you can see McDonnell has the 2nd highest now, but Christie and Martinez have had higher approval ratings this month. The problem with New Mexico Governor Martinez is she has very little political experience. The problem with Christie is that he's a moderate and he's from Blue NJ, which Romney will likely not win with Christie on the ticket.

2. McDonnell is still as popular as he was when elected in 2009. Many people said McDonnell's election landslide in 2009 was a fluke because it was low turnout, off year election, and Craigh Deeds was a weak candidate. But after getting 59% in 2009, McDonnell is still as popular as ever according to the highly accurate RR.

AppleCon :: Breaking Poll: McDonnell has 58% approval rating in Virginia
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I used to think McDonnell was a shoo-in for Romney's top 3 but...
I know I don't want to spend weeks this summer debating ultrasounds and college thesis (though MSNBC and CNN would, no doubt, love this) and I'm sure Romney feels even more strongly about that. He's a very talented governor and I do think he'd help a little in Virginia, but he could also turn off the same moderate women who loathed Palin.  

25, MA-07, Rockefeller Republican. Jeb 2016. Visit me at

I don't know about that
Everyone said that this would impact the Virginia gubernatorial election, and I think it had no matter whatsoever.

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I think the main reason it didn't impact the gubernatorial election was the poor campaign Creigh Deeds ran. I think McDonnell still would have won had he faced a better candidate but Deeds' campaign allowed McDonnell to win in a landslide. Against a candidate the caliber of Obama, the thesis and ultrasound issues might have more of an impact.

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