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2013 and 2014 Election calendar

by: Jon Henrik Gilhuus

Mon Dec 17, 2012 at 15:00:00 PM EST

Here is a chronological overview of filing deadlines and primary election dates for the electoral cycles of 2013 and 2014. These dates are preliminary and subject to change.

2013 Event
1/7 Filing deadline in Illinois' 2nd Congressional district.
2/26 Primary election in Illinois' 2nd Congressional district.
3/28 Filing deadline in Virginia.
4/1 Filing deadline in New Jersey.
4/9 Special election in Illinois' 2nd Congressional district.
6/4 Primary election in New Jersey.
6/11 Primary election in Virginia.
11/5 Election Day in New Jersey and Virginia.
12/2 Filing deadline in Illinois.
2014 Event
1/1 Filing deadline in Washington DC and Texas.
1/25 Filing deadline in West Virginia.
1/28 Filing deadline in Kentucky.
2/5 Filing deadline in Ohio.
2/8 Filing deadline in Indiana.
2/28 Filing deadline in North Carolina.
3/1 Filing deadline in Mississippi and Nebraska.
3/3 Filing deadline in Arkansas.
3/4 First round in Texas.
3/7 Filing deadline in California and Idaho.
3/10 Filing deadline in Montana.
3/11 Filing deadline in Oregon and Pennsylvania.
3/14 Filing deadline in Iowa and Nevada.
3/15 Filing deadline in Maine.
3/18 Filing deadline in New Mexico. Primary election in Illinois.
3/20 Filing deadline in Utah.
3/25 Filing deadline in Missouri and South Dakota.
3/27 Filing deadline in Virginia.
3/30 Filing deadline in South Carolina.
3/31 Filing deadline in Colorado and New Jersey.
4/1 Primary election in Washington DC.
4/3 Filing deadline in Tennessee.
4/4 Filing deadline in Alabama
4/8 Run-off in Texas.
4/9 Filing deadline in Maryland.
4/11 Filing deadline in North Dakota and Oklahoma.
4/18 Filing deadline in Florida (Federal offices).
5/2 Filing deadline in Georgia.
5/6 First round in North Carolina. Primary election in Indiana and Ohio.
5/13 Filing deadline in Michigan. Primary election in Nebraska and West Virginia.
5/16 Filing deadline in Washington.
5/20 First round in Arkansas.  Primary election in Idaho, Kentucky, Oregon and Pennsylvania.
5/28 Filing deadline in Arizona.
5/30 Filing deadline in Wyoming.
6/1 Filing deadline in Wisconsin.
6/2 Filing deadline in Alaska.
6/3 Filing deadline on Hawaii, in Massachusetts and Minnesota. First round in Alabama and Mississippi. Primary election in California, Iowa, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota.
6/6 Filing deadline in Florida (State offices).
6/10 Filing deadline in Connecticut and Kansas. First round in South Carolina. Run-off in Arkansas.
Primary election in Maine, Nevada, North Dakota and Virginia.
6/12 Filing deadline in Vermont.
6/13 Filing deadline in New Hampshire.
6/24 First round in Oklahoma. Run-off in Mississippi and South Carolina. Primary election in Colorado, Maryland and Utah.
6/25 Filing deadline in Rhode Island.
7/8 Filing deadline in Delaware and on Guam. Run-off in Alabama.
7/15 First round in Georgia. Run-off in North Carolina.
8/5 Run-off in Georgia. Primary election in Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington.
8/7 Primary election in Tennessee.
8/9 Primary election on Hawaii.
8/12 Primary election in Connecticut, Florida, Minnesota and Wisconsin.
8/19 Primary election in Wyoming.
8/22 Filing deadline in Louisiana.
8/26 Run-off in Oklahoma. Primary election in Alaska, Arizona and Vermont.
9/1 Filing deadline on American Samoa.
9/4 Primary election in Massachusetts.
9/6 Primary election on Guam.
9/9 Primary election in Delaware, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.
9/16 Primary election in Massachusetts.
11/4 Election Day. First round on American Samoa and in Georgia, Louisiana and on Virgin Islands.
11/18 Run-off on American Samoa and Virgin Islands.
12/2 Run-off in Georgia.
12/6 Run-off in Louisiana.

Jon Henrik Gilhuus :: 2013 and 2014 Election calendar
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Thanks for this
It's insane how soon the IL filing deadline is.

R - MD-7


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