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AR-Gov: AG Dustin McDaniel (D) Admits Affair

by: shamlet

Tue Dec 18, 2012 at 13:55:07 PM EST

Bam. The great hope of the AR Democratic party just imploded...

Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, a Democrat and the only announced candidate for governor in 2014, admitted Tuesday that he had an inappropriate relationship with a Hot Springs attorney after court documents were filed alleging they had a sexual affair. McDaniel, who has been married since June 2009, said he had a relationship with Andrea L. Davis, but would not offer details.

In many states a simple affair wouldn't be all that damaging, but in socially conservative and deeply religious Arkansas it's a major handicap if you're not named Clinton. Sen. Tim Hutchinson (R) was defeated in 2002 largely because of his own affair. McDaniel has said he would not end his gubernatorial campaign, but this announcement will certainly leave the AR Dem party looking for other options. ex-LG Bill Halter and Transportation commissioner John Burkhalter now look like Democrats' best bets, but neither is likely to be as strong as McDaniel was.

shamlet :: AR-Gov: AG Dustin McDaniel (D) Admits Affair
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Bill Halter will probably run
Come on, Steve Womack, run for Governor! Tom Cotton for Senate keeps on looking better and better.

From IL-09, Living in PA-07.

Carl DeMaio for CA-52!

Halter is too liberal for today Arkansas...

38, male, Roma ( Italia ), conservative

[ Parent ]
No, thats a myth
I've never understood why Halter was considered so progressive. In reality, he's a moderate-conservative Democrat who happened to be wish-washy on the public option rather than completely dead set against it.

Halter would lose an election in Arkansas today, but he's not more liberal than Dustin McDaniel or Mike Ross.

[ Parent ]
To be fair,
D's have a pretty good track record with unfaithful attorneys from Arkansas.  

Libertarian-R New MA-5.  

Perhaps Bill Clinton can host McDaniel a fundraiser at a "gentlemen's club" somewhere along side I-55.

From IL-09, Living in PA-07.

Carl DeMaio for CA-52!

[ Parent ]
Darr will win the Governor Race for the GOP in 2014

Mark Darr
I'd actually rather he run for re-election as Lt-Gov, because I'm not convinced that he's our best candidate here in the face of our other options.

Lifelong Republican, TX-17

[ Parent ]
I doubt
this ends his hopes.  It's 2 years out and his wife hasn't left him over it.  I'd give it time to sink in before declaring him hurt by this.

Regardless, what about Ross?  Any chance he changes his mind if McDaniel does not run?

33/M/D/NY-01 DKE:Socks The Cat

Of course it hurts him
The only question is whether he's DOA or not. Think D primary opponents or Rs won't exploit it?

26, Male, R, NY-10

[ Parent ]
AR is different from NY
I don't think he'll be DOA either but, there's no question he's hurt. Hutchinson lost almost solely because of indiscretions of a similar magnitude.

McDaniel's a much weaker candidate than he was 24 hours ago.

R - MD-7

[ Parent ]
No, Hutchinson's loss was a contribution of many things
Pryor actually ran a good campaign focused on very religious issues (he had one amazing ad of him praying with his family at dinner). He also ran as a war-themed Democrat, which was quite popular for Arkansas back then.

[ Parent ]
Figures that the more intimate details of the affair...
would be revealed/leaked during the campaign.

Mike Ross must be getting a lot of phone calls.

[ Parent ]
He admitted because he was asked about it because it was talked about in court. The juicy details will follow. Maybe more women will come forward. Few adulterers only cheat once.

26, Male, R, NY-10

[ Parent ]
The resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue knows how this game works as his first opponent in 2004 suffered a slow political death this way.

28, Republican, PA-6

[ Parent ]
On my screen
the line break is after "Hot". Even having looked at it half a dozen times I'm still a little shocked to read "Springs attorney" on the next line.

R - MD-7

Not by me

26, Male, R, NY-10

[ Parent ]
I'm sure
She's the hottest attorney in all of Springs!

[ Parent ]
I too at first thought the article was saying she was especially attractive.

When I was at Cal there was a headline from the Daily Californian about two young ladies fighting in a dormitory. The headline was "Cat Fight breaks out in Dorms."

34, R, CO-1 (Degette)

[ Parent ]
I'm reminded of a newspaper comic
Maybe "Bizarro", though I'm not sure, I saw it years and years ago.

Scene is a horrific accident, with overturned cars.
A crowd of schoolchildren nearby.
The road sign reads, "No, U turn"
Teacher says, "See how by adding a comma, we change the meaning of a sentence!"

30, Left leaning indie, MA-7

[ Parent ]
legal info
You know you are an attorney when you perform an attorney lookup when you hear an attorney was naughty.  Here is Andrea's profile with the Arkansas Judiciary:

Bill Clinton has called and wants to know if Mitt Romney has any binders with pictures of this woman.

28, Republican, PA-6

McDaniel did better than Bubba
Andrea is rather attractive:

[ Parent ]
David Vitter
was also from a "deeply religious state."

His electoral prospects were fine.

Landrieu, Hagan for Senate, Claitor for Congress. NC-09 (home) LA-06 (college)

If McDaniel can bash Obama more than anyone else
he'll be okay.

R - MD-7

[ Parent ]
He had the benefit
of being a Republican in a Republican state running in a very Republican year. McDaniel won't have any of those benefits.

42, R, NE-1.

[ Parent ]
He had the benefit of Carholicism.
Louisiana Catholics have a tendency to tolerate such indiscretions if the politician concerned goes to Confession and seems to seek redemption.

21, Male, Conservative Republican, TN-08 (home), VA-01 (college)

[ Parent ]
Underestimated Factor
I think we will see it play out more prominently in 2015, where Dardenne, who as a Jew with a somewhat moderate record, would normally be expected to underperform in the evangelical rurals, I think he will over perform there relative to his statewide performance, with Vitter's strength coming from Catholics in the south  

Male, LA-01

Cassidy, Rounds, Ernst, Handel, Land for Senate!  

[ Parent ]
if it was
"Just an affair" he might be okay.  But if he used his constitutional position in any way to hide, bribe, give benefits to, buy off, blackmail, etc. then it is a lot worse.  Time will tell.

the woman
Was a lawyer in a case where she was part of team that sued state of Arkansas that's where main issue for me is.

[ Parent ]
There is some potential conflict of interest issues here.  He was sleeping with the counsel for those suing the state.

28, Republican, PA-6

[ Parent ]
No reason
Why it's not yet on his wikipedia page. Please add it.

26, Male, R, NY-10

Better link
You linked to the mobile site. Here's the regular site:

Are you allowed to analyze the situation here?  

26, Male, R, NY-10

What would you like to know? McDaniel is having serious issues already because of the expanding population in the Northwest. He can win Blue Dog rural Democratic counties by a good margin, but "good" doesn't count for much when he'll lose 65-35 in Benton and Saline.

[ Parent ]
How locals
Are viewing the situation.  

26, Male, R, NY-10

[ Parent ]
The backstory and further questions raised here
[ Parent ]
And this

I see that you are a little close to the sticky situation that I won't get your own analysis and it's ok.  Thanks.  

26, Male, R, NY-10

[ Parent ]
No, I just don't really have much to say
This isn't a killer for McDaniel, but it looks to be in a long line of things that will likely end up having him lose. State Democrats like Mike Cook are shopping around for another candidate, like Bill Halter. The only other Democrat who could win is Mike Ross, and he's not running.

[ Parent ]
Joyce Elliot for governor

From IL-09, Living in PA-07.

Carl DeMaio for CA-52!

[ Parent ]
Asa Hutchinson
He already seemed to be heavily leaning toward a run. I wonder if this makes it a near sure thing? I'm not sure if that's good for us or not. I feel like he can clear the field, but I also suspect Womack may be stronger as a fresher face.  

Male, LA-01

Cassidy, Rounds, Ernst, Handel, Land for Senate!  

I have no idea what's going on with him
But yes, he has been leaning toward running. So has Mark Darr. My guess is Womack will not run.

[ Parent ]
Seems like Womack is too comfortable with his seat

[ Parent ]
At this point
I don't think we need to fear an open primary in this race.

R - MD-7

[ Parent ]

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