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SC-01: Mark Sanford Running

by: BostonPatriot

Thu Dec 20, 2012 at 20:30:16 PM EST

And this day just got better:

Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford is launching a political comeback that may begin within days.

Sanford is planning to run for the Congressional seat he held almost a decade ago, a Republican source familiar with his thinking told CNN late Thursday.

"He's looking all but certain to do it," said a former top aide to Sanford, who did not want to be identified while prematurely revealing the plans.

A formal announcement will come soon, the source said.

Sanford was a popular Congressman from SC-01 before running against, and defeating, Gov. Jim Hodges in 2002. The first 6 years and 5 months of Sanford's gubernatorial tenure brought him accolades from national conservatives, particularly those with libertarian leanings, but he was never loved by the Good Ol' Boy network, some of which endorsed his Democratic opponent in 2006.

More relevantly, Sanford hiked in Appalachia in 2010 and deceived his entire state. Having since divorced his wife Jenny and married his Argentine mistress, Sanford is looking to reboot his career, although his polling numbers remain terrible even among Republicans.

Because South Carolina uses runoffs, Sanford's chances don't appear great, since more than 50% of the electorate is likely to oppose him under any circumstances. However, he could very well finish second...which maybe, just maybe, could mean a Mark vs. Jenny runoff. Pass the popcorn. I love politics! (Update: Keep the popcorn in the cupboard. Apparently Mark would have deferred to Jenny, and his entry is a sign that she's out.)

BostonPatriot :: SC-01: Mark Sanford Running
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The article says Mark would have deffered to Jenny
Don't think she runs.

R - MD-7

One can recover from an affair
I'm not sure you can recover from clandestinely going to Argentina and then divorcing your wife.

Rand 2016

With 10+ people running
The game is getting top 2 for a runoff. With the vote split that many ways, Sanford would have a good shot to be in that top 2 because of his money/name rec. etc. I'm sure that's his strategy. The runoff would be the trickier part but the number of candidates running works to his advantage that the other person who gets in may not be the strongest of them. And its pretty safe to say he would not run if he thought Jenny was going to.


Has anyone polled his favorability recently?

34/M/D/NY-01 DKE:Socks The Cat

PPP said 30/53 last week
And 39/44 with Republicans.

[ Parent ]
One complication for Sanford- Kuhn
Former State Senator John Kuhn is in and pledging $250k to his campaign.

Kuhn endorsed Ron Paul in 2012, and while Sanford has the more libertarian record, Paulites can be very parochial. Can anybody say vote-splitting?

libertarian Republican, TX-14/MN-04

Don't think he's much of a factor. He won his state Senate seat in a special election and lost in the next election in the R primary to Chip Campsen and was unpopular in the time he served. He had a very erratic reputation in the Senat and has been mostly forgotten about in local circles. He may take a few percent from Sanford/others, but don't see him being a player.


[ Parent ]
What this means IMO
Sanford will come in first as he'll tower high over the others in name rec through the campaign. His floor is 30 and ceiling is 40.

That means whoever comes in second wins the seat. The candidate with the most coherent undivided base - ideological or geographical - probably wins. It's almost like there's no runoff.

R - MD-7

Similarities to SC-07
The feeling on that race was that whoever made it into a runoff with Bauer would be the winner.

[ Parent ]
Although the field in SC-7 was very underwhelming with Tom Rice just being a newly elected County Council Member and the others candidates B and C level. This field seems to have everyone who'a anyone running or considering it. McCoy, Merrill, Limehouse, Campsen, Thurmond, Grooms are all quality candidates.


[ Parent ]
if all 10 candidates run both numbers lower in first round
The numbers you listed look like his floor and ceiling for the primary (if he makes it)

I'm thinking the first round "winner" will be whichever candidate in the clown car race clears 25%, and the second place candidate make fail to crack 20%.

I'm also thinking his ex wife might beat him even in the first round if they both run.

43 Male Republican, Maryland Heights, MO Pattonville School District, Maryland Heights Fire District (MO-2). Previously lived in both Memphis and Nashville.

[ Parent ]
South Carolina elections
South Carolina elections are loaded with ugly mud-slinging and horrible underhanded allegations. Sanford actually has real skeletons. If they're going to make up affairs for Nikki Haley what will they do with Mark Sanford?

R, CA-37; hometown: PA-2

So have we ever had a congressman turn governor return to the House?

29, Republican, PA-6

I think the question is
has any former Governor in a state with more than 4 EVs ever even run?

Age 22, CA-18 (home), CA-13 (college)

Law and Order Communitarian, Civic Nationalist, Democrat, Francophile.

I'll become a conservative when America becomes a meritocracy

[ Parent ]
and he lost too, to Vitter.

R - MD-7

[ Parent ]
Not a governor
But John Quincy Adams served in the House after his Presidency.

[ Parent ]
Vernon Thomson
He served as Governor of Wisconsin before being defeated for re-election and then won a House seat. He stayed in the House for fourteen years before losing in the Watergate landslide.  

23, Democrat, CO-4 (home), MI-12 (law school) 

[ Parent ]
Took me a while to think of it...
but it was right under my nose: James Curley. In order: Convicted, Alderman, Congressman, Mayor of Boston, Governor, Failed Senate Candidate, Congressman again, Mayor again, Convicted again, Mayor again.

R - MD-7

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