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WY-Gov: Superintendent Cindy Hill (R) to Primary Mead

by: shamlet

Thu Jan 31, 2013 at 20:24:32 PM EST

Like most things in America's least populous and most Republican state, this one flew under the radar for a bit. But the Republican primary for the Gubernatorial race we had pegged as the sleepiest in America got a bit more interesting today:

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill says she will run for Governor of Wyoming in 2014... Governor Matt Mead this week signed into law a bill that essentially strips the superintendent’s office of leadership of the state Department of Education, reassigning those duties to a person appointed by the governor.

Hill already has one supporter in State Rep. Stephen Watt of Rock Springs, and has ties to the Tea Party movement. That said, she was just the subject of a radical demotion in her authority by the legislature. I still don't understand this situation completely, but apparently the department was missing legally required benchmarks on new educational standards. Education tends to be one of the murkiest areas of policy in general; it's hard to tell right now if Hill is portrayed as the victim of a coup, or a bad manager disgruntled with getting her commupance. Consequently, I'm unsure if Hill is going to be regarded as a non-factor in the race or can galvanize any discontent with Mead that exists on the right. But tonight we can say one thing for sure - Wyoming is no longer home to America's most boring governor's race.

The other domino to fall here concerns the superintendent's position, one of four statewide officials in Wyoming, which has now been demoted to ceremonial status. Expect a push for a constitutional ammendment to eliminate it entirely - though these useless offices can hang around for quite some time (just ask Doug LaFolette, the Wisconsin Secretary of State - who has managed to prevent the elimination of his position, which now amounts to an elected notary, for decades)

shamlet :: WY-Gov: Superintendent Cindy Hill (R) to Primary Mead
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What succeeds Wyoming as the most boring race?
I'll nominate Vermont. Kansas could be pretty dull too.

Brownback should get a decent D challenge
if only because none of the State Senators have to give up their seats. I think it's a race between VT, OK, and TN... Right now I'm going with TN even though there is a legitimate prospective Democrat, he's not even going to be running with the illusion that he has a chance of winning.

R - MD-7

[ Parent ]
South Dakota
I don't think there's any chance SHS runs. So that should be a snoozer.

[ Parent ]
Daugaard has had some runins with the teachers' unions
So I expect at least some feigned effort to be made against him.

R - MD-7

[ Parent ]
Is Stephen Watt related to Reagan Interior Secretary James Watt (a Wyoming native)?

If she is successful
Wyoming could be the Republican NH, with the potential for a female Senator in 2014 (Cheney or Lummis), a female US Rep (Cheney, Lummis, or Meyer) and a female Governor (Hill). Cheney or Lummis could someday succeed Barrasso if he leaves the Senate, and it is very easy to see him joining a Republican Presidential Admin someday  

Male, LA-01
Scott Walker '16


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